Where to stay in Barcelona and how to save money

What you need to know about Barcelona
Iryna DubenskaFebruary 22, 2020

Barcelona is a frequently visited place, so almost everything is written about it, I’ll share the moments that can be useful. So, where to stay in Barcelona and how to save money?


From El Prat airport you can get to the city just for one euro. You need to move to Terminal T2, find the RENFE R2 Nord train for this. Buy a ticket t10 in the ticket terminal before entering – and voila!

     T10 – a ticket for 10 trips which costs 10 euros. Each trip will cost twice as much, separately.

Living near Sagrada Familia, not in the area of La Rambla turned out to be very convenient – the area is more peaceful, including in the crime plan, every day at least twice in the morning and evening you can admire the Cathedral (by the way, the day and night lighting are two completely different spectacles, do not miss it), the houses of Gaudi and Park Guell can be easily reached on foot.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudí’s grave is right there. He died in 1926 when he was hit by a tram. Sagrada Familia is one of Gaudí’s 14 masterpieces that he never managed to complete himself. It has been under construction for many years.


NOTE! Useful information

The fare in Barcelona for one trip is 2.20 euro, when traveling to one zone. There are 6 such zones in Barcelona. Travel time after use is 2 hours. Then you need to buy a new ticket.
However, the fare can be greatly reduced if you buy a T10 card for 10 trips, the price of which is from 10.20 euro for one zone. I want to note right away that if you live and trip in the center, you don’t need a ticket for more than one zone.
Tickets can be bought at cigarette shops, self-service terminals at stations, at T2 airport, as well as through the TMV mobile application for iOS and Android.  The map of Barcelona subway www.tmb.cat

A metro ticket from the airport by metro costs 4.60 euro, a bus shuttle costs 5.90 one way and 10.20 both ways. However, there is one trick here: the R2 Nord RENFE train goes from T2 Airport to Barcelona, ​​you will find it according to the signs on which you can easily reach the center of Barcelona with a T10 ticket, tickets are sold right there at the station. On the way, you will have several stops where you can transfer to the metro line you need already in the city. Here is a schedule www.renfe.com

If you will be in Barcelona for more than one day and plan a lot of travel, consider buying a Hola BCN! For 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. The price includes an unlimited number of trips by public transport in Barcelona, ​​including the metro, funicular and bus to Montjuic, local trains and trains, as well as the metro line L9, which goes to the airport in Barcelona. The cost of a card for two days is 14 euros, for three – 20.50 euros, for 4 and 5 days – 26.50 and 32 euros, respectively. You can buy and get more information here: www.holabarcelona.com

Sights in Barcelona

The main attraction of Barcelona is Sagrada Familia. It is better to buy a ticket here using the cathedral website in advance: sagradafamilia.org

Picasso Museum – price from 7 euros. You can buy and find out the schedule here: www.bcn.cat. This museum can be visited free of charge on Fridays after 6 p.m. and on the first Sunday of the month from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Park Güell begins its work at 8 a.m. Entrance fee from 7 euros. www.parkguellonline.cat If you arrive before 8 a.m. in the morning you can enter the park for free, turnstiles for access are set at only 8 a.m.

Food. Tasty and inexpensive to eat seafood and not only here: WOK

Where to stay in Barcelona. We rented a mini hostel for 3 rooms near the Sagrada Familia. Beautiful apartment, which turned into a cozy hostel. City center and not expensive. www.booking.com


Casa Milà 

Casa Milà

Casa Milà – another one Gaudí’s masterpiece

Many museums are free on the first Sunday of each month and some locations from 15.00 every Sunday. For example, the Monjuïc fortress, the botanical garden. On Saturday after 15.00, the Museum of Catalonia welcomes guests free of charge.

Barcelona Barcelona

If you come to the Park Guell early in the morning – until 8 a.m., you don’t have to pay for the entrance, there is simply no one, the employees of the park start working and take money for the entrance from 8 a.m., before that the park is open free. The park is unusually beautiful in the early morning hours, there are not many people yet, oblique sunrays draw beautiful shadows on the paths, from the playgrounds there is an incredible view of the city and the sea … the best background for the photoshoot is hard to imagine, as well as the best place for a morning picnic.

Park Guell
Park Guell

Park Guell

Park Guell Park Guell

Park Guell

To eat pinchos and tapas with sangria is, in my opinion, the best place on Bly Street, under Mount Montjuïc. The place is atmospheric, pinchos 1-1.5 euros, sangria 5 euros a huge glass. Combine this with a visit to Mount Montjuïc, the Catalan Museum, the singing fountains and you have a plan for the whole day.

Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona

In the early morning, you can go up to Montjuïc on foot or by funicular, explore the fortress, which offers a magnificent view of the city and the sea, and walk down to the Catalan Museum through the botanical garden, and lovely parks with small pools dotted with colorful lilies.

Barcelona Barcelona


Stuff you must have in Barcelona

Travel neck walletto save money and docs, theft is very common in tourist places.
Raincoats the weather could be unpredictable


Then visit the museum, grab a bite to eat and take a seat before the fountain show, which starts after 9 pm. The fountains gather crowds of tourists and if you don’t take your place during the show you will have to squeeze in a dense crowd, but if you don’t worry, it won’t spoil your experience, and I guarantee you the experience. By the way, the fountains do not work every day, watch the schedule.


To eat seafood to the blade is possible in the WOK (their entire network of Barcelona), we were advised by the fact that the Triumphal Arch near the park citadel (half-mile from the beach). 11.5 euro on weekdays, 14.95 euro – weekends and holidays. Shrimp, crabs, oysters, mussels, clams and much more in unlimited quantities. Beverages are paid for separately.




Triumphal Arch

triumphal arch

This freestyleler I met in Barcelona near the Arc de Triomphe

Don’t forget to visit the legendary Camp Nou Stadium, the home arena of the famous football team FC Barcelona. The excursion will cost 30 euros.

Camp Nou Stadium Camp Nou StadiumCamp Nou Stadium

On the beach it is better to wear a swimsuit from home, the locker room is not found, all changed in the toilet.

Barcelona beach

As the city of Barcelona is not a small tourist attraction is better divided into districts and combine, for example, with the cafes and parks that you have planned to visit, so you will make your day more diverse and do not get tired of endless sightseeing buildings, structures or paintings.
For those travelers who prefer campsites instead of hostels, there is a useful link with campings where you can stay not far from the center of Barcelona.
Here you can find the best waterproof tent for your camping.

7 reasons why Barcelona is the best city in Europe.

Barcelona HOT! Even we locals notice this by the constantly growing number of tourists in the city every summer. It is a city world famous for its architectural beauty, cultural character and the way it combines tradition with innovation in the moderate north-east of Spain.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best places in Europe. Let’s look at the reasons why you should move to Barcelona right now and start taking advantage of life in the Catalan capital.

1. The first and undeniable reason is the Mediterranean climate.
The fact is, it’s the best of every season. The sky is usually clear, winters are short and mild, summers are hot and sunny but tolerant. The worst heat is in August, but it can’t be compared with cold beer and swimming in the pool.

2. Pedestrians rule the streets
Most parts of Barcelona were designed specifically for pedestrian enjoyment. Many wide sidewalks, long walks, trees and benches every few meters. It is also a great city, you can ride a bike. Moving to Barcelona offers many options.

3. Gaudi’s footprints are all over town.
Park Guell, the ever-changing Church of the Holy Family and other gems you’ll stumble upon just by walking to the subway station. Even the tiles on the ground are made by Gaudi in some streets.

4. The cost of living is much lower than in other European cities.
It is a proven fact that you can live and own property in this magnificent area much cheaper than at home. The estimated savings on the total annual running costs of the property is 30-40% less than in the UK, with heating and electricity being much cheaper.

Ask anyone who lives permanently in Barcelona and you will soon learn about the many reduced costs and savings on offer.

5. Parties and celebrations
Barcelona is a city that never sleeps. Nightlife offers something for everyone and you can choose between lively clubs, underground venues, concert halls and small idyllic bars. Valuable events such as Palo Alto Market and Brunch in Barcelona are worth a visit and you should definitely visit the Sonar festival or Primavera Sound.

Even if you don’t like to go to bed late at night, you will still enjoy the typical Barcelona festivals, such as La Mercé, and the fireworks in the neighborhood that take place in the summer months.


6. Barcelona is a gourmet paradise
If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Barcelona! The city is full of culinary hotspots that you won’t get bored exploring. You can visit traditional Catalan restaurants such as Cerveseria Catalana, Can Codina, Can Vilaró and Bar Ramón, or try more modern dishes such as La Pepita and El 58.

7. Quality of life
Spain and especially Barcelona are considered the best place in Europe for emigrants wishing to enjoy life, and the second in general after New Zealand. This is the real reason why many people prefer Spain to other countries, you just feel better and more relaxed in this pleasant atmosphere. You can’t describe or put a price on the “wellness factor”, it’s easy for everyone to enjoy, unique to Spain and, most importantly, “it’s free”.


A significantly improved quality of life and a less formal attitude to everyday life is without doubt the main reason why many people want to buy a new home in Spain.


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