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Best car charger. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Dual USB 5.4A/30W. QC 3.0 3A + Smart IC 2.4A – iPhone – Galaxy S20 S10 S9 S8 S7 S6 Note LG Nexus etc. Ultimate phone holder. The convenience of use and advantages of a HUSSELL car holder and a charger for a phone in car trips. Positive user testimonials.
Denys KhmarskyiJune 4, 2020

Let us introduce the best car charger and ultimate phone holder. Mobile phones are invaluable, and you need it most of the time for different uses. Because you have been using your phone where there is a ready supply of electricity to recharge when the battery is low, you might take the importance of a quality car-charger for granted.

Travel: Convenience of use and advantages of a car charger and a holder for a phone in car trips

However, when you are on a car trip and need your phone to navigate, play music, and take photos, etc., you will appreciate a reliable and convenient car charger and ultimate phone holder.

HUSSELL Car Charger – Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 – Dual USB 5.4A/30W Fast Car Charger Adapter

best car charger

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For continued use of your phone without distraction, you need an extra hand to hold the phone for you; this is where a hands-free phone mount plays a significant role. Using your cell phone continuously can quickly drain its battery. And when you need to recharge to keep you going on your journey, and doing so without handling the phone, you would appreciate this phone mount.

The reliable car-charger is fast charging and convenient to use. Going on a road trip makes your mobile phone become multitasking, and in this article, you will meet two essential car phone accessories I often use for a hitch-free road journey.

Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount by HUSSELL

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I don’t know your location, but I do know that distracted driving is a serious traffic offense. The police will arrest or book you for using your phone while driving. It is when you need to use your phone while driving that you need a quality car-charger and a phone mount. Imagine driving at 80 miles per hour, and you need your phone to navigate. Alas! Your phone battery is low, and you need to recharge quickly to keep up. Unless you have a reliable and convenient car-charger, to quickly recharge, you might miss your way as a result. With a quality car charger and ultimate phone holder for convenience, you can drive and use your phone while it is charging without distractions.

What makes for a Quality and Convenient car-charger?

Car chargers come in a variety of brands and qualities, and every product claims to be the best. But you reserve the right to determine what makes a quality and convenient car-charger; that is why reading this article will help. Of course, any seller would tell you their product meets the quality and convenience criteria, but unless you understand what to look for, it might be challenging to make the right choice. When choosing quality car-chargers and ultimate phone holder, some features determine the best brand. Listed below are qualities to watch for the right car-charger:

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Convenient charging

Do you need a convenient and fast charging experience? The typical charging system will have you struggle to charge your phone while in motion only to realize you didn’t fix the cable correctly? A convenient charging experience is when your phone is mounted conveniently in the car while you charge and use it. The charger will come with USB ports, with reliable (1.0A and 2.1A or higher) current supply for charging. It will support mainstream mobile devices, including Smartphone, tablets, and more. You need a car charger that can automatically recognize your phone power need and supply the exact voltage for faster charging, reliability, and safety. You can cut the fluff in selecting a convenient, fast charging and safe-use car-charger by choosing this car charger and this ultimate phone holder. Once you have both charging accessories in your car, you are ready for speed charging and convenient use of your phone while on a car trip.

High Amp Output

Imagine your house’s electricity supply voltage is low, what will happen? If you understand that, then think of your car charger with a low Amp current output. The result will be a prolonged charging. Therefore, you need a car charger with a high Amp Output of at least 2.1Amp or 2100mA per USB port. Although most phones will do just fine on a 1.0 Amps or 1000 mA, a faster charging experience needs a higher Amp. These days, 3.0 or higher car charging devices will ensure superb charging reliability. Ideally, if the Amperage is below 2.0 Amp, it’s a no go area if you want a car charger that delivers high-speed charging. You should be used to chargers that won’t give you a single bar after 30 minutes of charging; this is a low-amp output charging system. If you want a quality and fast charging car charger, you should look for a charger rated 3.0 that delivers a 5.4A/30W charging current. I recommend the HUSSELL Car Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 – the Dual USB 5.4A/30W car charger delivers high-speed charging. It can charge up your phone within minutes of charging.

best car charger

Charging Cable

Did you know that charging cable can make a difference in the efficiency of a charger for speed charging? I don’t need to warn you about possible failure with charger cables; they do fail most times! And to say it is disappointing will be an understatement when you are on a car trip with no alternative. I have experienced it on several occasions, and it’s not funny at all! If you want a reliable car charger, don’t choose one with the cable attached. I urge you to heed this friendly advice; else, you would be disappointed for not listening. The disadvantage with permanently attached charging cable is that you will have to replace the entire charger if the cable failed. Therefore, always buy a car charger with a removable cable, and you can replace it if it fails. The Hussell Car Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 I recommend earlier would do just fine and very reliable.


Do you even realize that not every car charger is universal? It is the trickiest part of selecting the right car charger. You have to look for a charger compatible with most mobile devices. Before you buy a charger, check to see if it’s compatible with your device. The charger I recommended above serves universal purposes and goes easy on most devices. I recommend you buy such a charger not only for convenient use but for reliability and peace of mind.

Safety Protection

The first consideration, if you are always on the road, is safety. Your car charger needs to pass the safety test before buying it. Overcharging could cause a fire outbreak in your car, and you can quickly do the math in terms of overall costs if your vehicle is severely damaged. A quality charger will offer safety protection for your mobile devices. It will provide stable output voltage for current, voltage protection, and overheating protection and against short circuits. If you are not sure what protection the car charger has, please don’t buy it. I have great trust in the HUSSELL car-charger, and I recommend it. You can choose this product for its safety protection.

ultimate car holder

Ease of Mount

You may not appreciate the Mount of your phone until you drive off-road. I have had to look for my phone under the seat when I hit a very rough terrain while driving. I had to stop the car to look for it under the car seat where it fell during the encounter. Going with a fast charging car charger should be the ultimate phone holder to hold your phone while driving. I see these two accessories as partners made in heaven. A quality car charger and a convenient phone mount are what you need to drive and use your phone without getting caught for distracted driving by the police. If the Mount isn’t stable, it could cause the unexpected failure of your car charger, which could pose severe safety issues. Before choosing any car charger, it is wise to buy a Phone Mount ultimate phone holder to keep safe when you find yourself in an off-road situation. A perfect and ultimate phone holder provides the quality user experience, to charge your phone while held securely. For example, our HUSSELL offers evidence of a quality phone mount that fits securely in the vent. Once it is mounted, you are good to go on a smooth or rough terrain as you charge your phone.

Positive User Testimonials

Unless you are using a beta version car charger, you should care about user testimonials for the product. While this might not really be a technical issue, user satisfaction is an integral part of the shopping experience for quality and reliable products. If you visit the review pages of the HUSSELL products I recommend earlier, you will find great testimonials to give you the confidence to buy. What others say about a product are fillers to continue or back out in your buying decision.

car mount

Affordable price

I do understand that quality and convenience come, sometimes, with high cost but not always. Before you buy a car charger, it is vital to pick one that is within your budget. The high quality and reliable chargers are costlier, but it makes sense to make that extra investment for a quality experience. I honestly think the HUSSELL products are affordable, giving the quality and convenience they offer. In my travelling experiences, I have had to pay to charge my phone. Unfortunately, at the time, my phone battery depletes faster, and I wasted so much money. I spent up to four US dollars in two days on phone charging expenses. Compared to a reliable car charger costing below 12 dollars, I prefer to buy the product than taking a risk with my phone.

Advantages of quality and convenient car-charger in a car trip

There was a time I had to pay four dollars to recharge my phone in a strange land. From then on, I learned to make a quality car charger, my travel buddy, whether with my vehicle or not. So, what are the benefits of quality car-charger when you are on a trip? Undoubtedly, the advantages of such an accessory are immeasurable if you travel often, but top on, are the following:

Avoid embarrassing dropped calls

Do you recall that moment in the middle of urgent call and bingo; the call just dropped? Maybe you are about closing a sale or finalizing a deal. And, bad karma! You are in a place with no electricity or a charger to recharge your phone. Now, this is what may happen. You could lose the sale or deal, and it’s not only that, your integrity is embarrassingly on the line. But a quality car charger would save the day and prevent an embarrassing situation.

Confidence to always be in touch

In life, your word is your bond. Imagine telling your spouse you would call immediately you arrived at your destination, and the worst happened. Your phone battery is dead and nowhere to recharge. It doesn’t matter your sincerity, the fact you didn’t call hangs a pendant of unreliability on your neck. When you are armed with an efficient car charger, you can confidently tell your spouse, colleague, and business partner you will call and make the call without any battery standing in the way of keeping a promise.

Charge your phone on the go

If you are like me that spend most of the time on the road, you will appreciate the quality and convenient car charging system. When I am packing up for a trip, the first thing to have a room in my travelling bag is my HUSSELL car charger. Yes, because I make lots of calls and need to regularly surf the internet for information and keep up with my clients. I travel a lot, and to locations, I have never been before. Thus, I rely on my phone navigation to do the magic of getting us there while I drive. Now you know why I can’t do without my phone battery having a full tummy.

Increased convenience and safety

Nothing is more convenient than having a ready to go quality car charger, and a stable phone mount in your car travel accessories list. These gadgets are like gas in my tank and give me the confidence to keep moving. For less than $26, you can get yourself the best car charging system money can buy. So, why should I suffer if I can pay the price?

Value for money

I don’t need to emphasize this too much. You buy a car charger for less than $12 and a stable phone mount for less than $14 to serve you everywhere. It helps to keep in touch with friends, family, and business partners. The car charge poses no risk to your costly phone or damages your car. And you don’t risk police arrest or booking for distracted driving; that’s a remarkable value for money, my friend!

The Mistakes to avoid when buying a car charger

By now, I suppose you understand the need for quality and convenient car charging system. However, for just no reason, we still make avoidable mistakes. I will highlight a few blunders people make so you don’t make them too.

Buying the wrong car charger

Always confirm the charger is compatible with your phone before buying. Of course, you can order a charger online, but you should order one that will match your phone.

Choosing a car charger with the cable attached

I talked earlier about the features of a good car charger above regarding the cable. You will find chargers with attached cable; please avoid it. Any charger cable can fail, and if your charger is the USB model, you can replace the cable and go on using your charger with another cord. So, always go for the USB removable charging cable.

Sacrificing quality on the altar of low price

Yes, I know it’s tough to make money, and I think that is the more reason to get value for your money. If you have to spend a dollar or two more for the best charger, please don’t go five dollars less because to pick a cheap charger. Although the price might not be a test of quality, however, a ridiculously low price is trouble in disguise.

Are you looking for quality and fast charging car chargers for your car?

I have used the RUSSEL charger use so far our discussions, but let me introduce you to what I call the car charging system: a Quality Car Charger and a stable Phone Mount!

Fast charging

The HUSSELL charger delivers high-speed charging. It is a Dual USB ports system with a removable charging cable. It is a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB 5.4A/30W charging technology that blasts-out a stable current to speed up your phone energy replenishment while keeping it safe. This charger is supported by the Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount to keep your phone securely in place for convenient use while you charge with ease on a trip.

It’s Quality and Convenient

The best part of this charging system is the guarantee for safe use. Your phone will not fail on the road, and you will not be arrested for distracted driving.

The holder is dashboard secure

Once you lock the phone mount in the vent, you can securely place your phone on it. The phone mount uses a magnetic air vent, which allows you to use your phone hands-free while driving. It helps to play music, see the navigation, and make calls. As you charge, you don’t have to worry about your phone dropping off and going under the car seat.

Convenient 360-degree rotation of your phone

Since your phone is not attached or fixed to the Mount, you have freedom of how you place it. The device allows you to position the phone as it pleases you and convenient for driving.

Why buy RUSSELL car charging system?

The HUSSELL quality car charger and phone mount are available at an affordable price on Amazon. Yes, the fear of most buyers, including me, is trust. I am comfortable buying my product on Amazon because the platform has earned the trust of millions of consumers worldwide. If you buy 2019 HUSSELL Car Charger and Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount on Amazon, you will benefit from the platform’s warranty and support offers.

Tips for safety measure while charging your phone in the car

I have discussed the most salient points about quality and convenient car charging system; this last part contains tips to monitor your charger’s performance for safe use.

Tip #1: Determine Stable and unstable voltage output

Observe your phone temperature while charging and driving your car at a low steady speed to have optimum charging output.

Scenario 1: If the phone temperature is warm and stable, the charger’s current output is perfect; no cause for alarm.
Scenario 2: But, if the heat is drastic and felt too hot and fast, it means the current output is unstable.

For scenario 1, the charger is doing great with no safety issues; scenario 2 means the charger is abnormal and could damage your phone battery. Therefore, consider changing your charger in scenario 2.

Tip #2: Choose a charger that automatically disconnects when the battery is full

It is especially crucial for long-distance travellers. With your charging system in place, your phone is on for a long hall of charging and recharging as you use it. However, in this regard, you need to choose a charger that will stop charging your battery when its full as overcharging is detrimental to battery health.

Tip #3: Measure your car charger output

Some chargers’ current output will fluctuate and damage the cell phone battery. Therefore, try to measure the output using AvoMeter if you can to prevent an unwarranted surge in current that might put your phone at risk.

Wrap up

Improvement in mobile technology has increased demands for phone resources with a growing need for power consumption. The regular phone users who always travel out of their homes or offices, they need a car charging system, including a quality charger with fast charging assurance and a stable ultimate phone holder for convenient use. In this article, I talked about Quality Car Charger, the HUSSELL universal charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 – Dual USB 5.4A/30W Fast Car Charger Adapter, buy on Amazon. Also, we discussed the stellar quality HUSSELL Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount to hold your phone in place to avoid distractions while you drive; it is available on Amazon as well.

If this article about the best car charger and ultimate phone holder is helpful to you, please share it!


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