The National Seashore of the Gulf Islands continues to expand recreational access to park areas. COVID-19

Limited use of Fort Pickens camping site should begin
Denys KhmarskyiAugust 12, 2020

Gulf Breeze, Florida – Following the guidance of the White House, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state and local health authorities. The Gulf National Coast is expanding Fort Pickens camping opportunities. The National Parks Service (NPS) works across the service with federal, state and local health authorities to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and take a phased approach to increasing access to each park.

In addition, the following areas are still available:
  • Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa, Nevale Live Oaks, Ocaloosa and Perdido Chi in Florida.
  • The Davis Buyout area and the islands of Petit Bois. West Petit Bois, Horn and Sheep, as well as the NPS portion of Cat Island in the Mississippi.
Taking into account the public health interests, the following institutions have now been closed:
  • Fort Pickens Campground Loops BE
  • Discovery Center
  • Fort Barrancas area due to closure of NAS Pensacola
  • Group campsites in Fort Pickens and Naval Live Oaks.

The health and safety of our visitors, employees, volunteers and partners remains paramount. At Gulf Islands National Seashore. Our operational approach will be to review every facility function and service provided to ensure that these operations comply with current public health guidelines and are regularly monitored. We continue to work closely with the NPS Public Health Administration. Using CDC recommendations to ensure that public and workplace environments are safe and clean for visitors, employees, partners and volunteers.

While these areas are accessible to visitors, the return to full operation will continue in stages and services will be limited. When rebuilding, the public must follow local health regulations, practice Leave No Trace. principles, avoid crowding and avoid high-risk outdoor activities. The CDC offers guidance to help people recreate in parks and open spaces to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We will continue to monitor all park functions so that visitors comply with CDC guidelines to reduce the risks associated with COVID-19 transmission and take additional steps necessary to protect public health. Detailed information and updates on the park’s activities will continue to be published on our website and on social media sites. Updates on NPS operations will be available at

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