Ayia Napa Cyprus – forget Ibiza.

Explore ancient times. Aphrodite came out of the sea here.
Iryna DubenskaMarch 4, 2020


Iryna Dubenska – Skilled Traveler Shares Her Experiences

Beautiful sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Here you will find both wonderful beaches and warm azure sea and green mountains and unbridled fun. All this is not much inferior to the famous Ibiza, but much cheaper. So, come on! Ayia Napa Cyprus!


You should know that the northern part of Cyprus has been occupied by Turkey since 1974. You should consider that when choosing a holiday destination. The southern part of the island is occupied by the Republic of Cyprus. There are two airports in this part of the island, one in Larnaca and one in Paphos.

From both airports, you can reach any point of the Republic of Cyprus without any problem. The airport of Paphos is convenient for visiting Paphos itself. Paphos is the business capital of Cyprus and boasts some interesting historical sights. It is the business center of the country, but there are also super beaches here.




Larnaca airport is more suitable for those who chose the south-eastern coast for their trip. From Aya Napa and further east, the beaches are only white sand.
Young people love the tourist town of Ayia Napa Cyprus. the most. It’s no coincidence. It is here that you can find a whole block of nightclubs, cafes and bustling bars where you can find entertainment for every taste. There are theme parties, pubs with live music, and completely disconnected bars.


NOTE! Useful information

If you plan to travel in Cyprus by public transport, this site will be very interesting: www.cyprusbybus.com, here you will not only find the schedule and cost of routes, but you can also build your own route with the departure and stay times, as well as a route map. Using public transport in Cyprus, you can visit most attractions without resorting to expensive excursions.

If you prefer to travel by car, I recommend taking a car, but keep in mind that Cyprus has left-hand traffic. You can rent a car here myrentacar.com, it will be much cheaper than taking on the city streets.

Food on Cyprus:

You can eat delicious and inexpensive Mediterranean seafood in this restaurant chain cyprus.oceanbasket.com.

Tasty and inexpensive to try the local cuisine here Sesoula Kalamaki and European cuisine is here Hungry Horse Taverna

Ayia Napa Accommodation:

Inexpensive hotel in the center Cornelia Hotel
Good and affordable hotel in the Nissi Beach area Nissi Elena -Sunshine Apt
For those who want to be closer to nightlife Simos Magic Apartments 1


Taxi in Cyprus cyprustaxisandtours.com


There’s more to the dance floor than just inside. There’s dancing on tables and even on the street. After 3 a.m., when the street clubs and bars close, the fun moves to the clubs underground. It doesn’t stop until morning.

Aya Napa

Aya Napa

Those who have not had enough nightly fun can continue at a bar on the west side of Nissi beach.

Nissi beach


Stuff you must have on Cyprus

Beach umbrella to hide on the beach
Sun Protect cream to avoid sunburnt

There’s music playing all day, cocktails pouring and foam parties 3 times a week. Nissi Beach is ranked among the TOP 10 best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea.

Nissi beach Nissi beach

Excursions in Cyprus are of great variety and scale. Here everyone will surely find entertainment to their liking. I advise visiting one of the sea excursions. If you are resting with children, an excursion on a Pirate ship – Black Pearl with a crew of pirates on board or yellow submarine Nemo will suit you. From the hold of which you can see the underwater world of Cyprus through the windows.

If you like to explore the coast on your own but do not plan to go far from the city, rent a buggy or quadricycle. This will cost you 30 Euros per day and gives you complete freedom of movement.

Be sure to try a local Mezza. This seafood dish consists of 8-12 dishes and is usually served with local wine. It’s very tasty!
Try the local huge olives at the local shop and choose your favorite type of feta. Just don’t take it in bags, take it on weight. These local products can leave few people indifferent.
If you like to travel alone with a tent and prefer to stay at campsites – here is a list of the best places in Cyprus where you can stay overnight.
Here you can find the best tent for beach camping.

Background information:
Cypriot culture is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean. The island fell under Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman rule. For 800 years, starting from 364 AD, Cyprus was ruled by Byzantium. In 1571 the island was conquered by the Ottoman Turks and in 1878 it was handed over to Britain. Officially annexed by the United Kingdom in 1914, it became a colonial crown in 1925. British rule continued until August 1960, when, after four years of liberation struggles, the island became independent and was declared a republic.

In 1974, the Greek military junta staged a coup d’état in Cyprus to seize the government of the President of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, which was responded to by the Turkish military intervention, during which Turkish troops soon controlled about 37% of the island. 40% of the total Greek Cypriot population was forced to leave their homes in the occupied territory.

Since 1974, Cyprus has de facto been divided into two thirds of the islands in the south, controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, and one third of the Turkish Cypriots in the north, with a buffer zone supported by UN peacekeeping forces between them.

The Republic of Cyprus became an independent state on 16 August 1960 and a month later became a member of the United Nations and has been a member of the European Union since 2004.

Under the influence of the United Nations and the European Union, efforts to reunify the island under a federal structure continue.


Cyprus, known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” and the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient goddess of love and beauty, certainly meets the strict standards of its divine patroness.
A stunning Mediterranean island soaked in legends, myths, beauty and romance and enjoying more than 340 sunny days a year, Cyprus attracts visitors from all over the world.
Today’s tourists, fascinated by the island’s endless golden sands, secluded coves and rocky bays, are also attracted to Cyprus for their fascinating history and culture, its fine Mediterranean cuisine and its magnificent mountains and green countryside, which prove that Cyprus is more than just “Sun and Sea”. Full information here www.cyprusprofile.com


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