SeaDream to resume Caribbean Sea cruises in November

Denys KhmarskyiSeptember 16, 2020

SeaDream Yacht Club has officially announced its plan to resume Caribbean Sea cruises in November as part of a seven-day voyage from Barbados.

The line reported that from November 7, it will offer 22 flights from Bridgetown to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. All three countries are open to Americans .

Emilio Freeman, SeaDream’s Vice President of Destinations, calls the route “fully consistent with what we offer at SeaDream. These are places where billionaires go to escape from millionaires”.

The Norwegian-based line was one of the first to resume cruises after stopping a global cruise in March, when in June it moved both of its 100-passenger liners to Oslo, where it offered cruises along the Norwegian coast.

In early August, a Danish passenger who left SeaDream I had a positive result on the Covid-19, but none of the other passengers or crew had a positive result. / Cruise-Travel / SeaDream-passenger reports with positive results on Covid

SeaDream I is moving through a 21-day transatlantic voyage from Oslo to Barbados to start the season. The ship will sail to Denmark and the United Kingdom to allow people to board the ship at these ports. The cruises will go on sale tomorrow.

For the moment, guests will not be obliged to wear masks on board, but will be encouraged to take a social distance. They will have to pass the test 48-72 hours before departure to Barbados, and before boarding again will be held express test, which, according to SeaDream, gives results with an accuracy of 99%.

“This is confirmed by medical experts,” said Executive Vice President Andreas Brinestad. “We have been told that social distance is highly likely to rid you of the coronavirus. Masks are less likely to achieve the same result. This is our current understanding from the medical consultants with whom we work. This is subject to change . ”

On board “it’s a full sea of experiences,” said Sudesh Kishore, senior vice president of hotel operations. “We don’t want people wearing masks on board. You won’t see us wearing masks. That’s why we wanted people to be tested before they boarded. Once you’re on board, you can enjoy the same experience as before. ”

SeaDream is still working out the details of the entrance to the port, but stated that based on preliminary discussions with local authorities, passengers will only be able to leave the ship “in an organized manner to the pre-defined locations,” Freeman said. The line will offer its signature beach parties and water sports.

The line will use all protocols that have been used during cruises in Norway, such as refusing handshakes, social distance in public places, intervals between spa treatments and refusing self-service buffets. New on board will be the Altapure ultrasonic disinfection system, which can kill any Covid-19 virus in the air.

As for the possibility of expanding routes through the Caribbean region and sending his second ship on cruises from St. Thomas, where SeaDream is usually based in winter, Brinestad said it is too early to make any predictions, but he expects things to change by November .

“In November, I think [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and what will happen in the U.S. ports and [the U.S. Virgin Islands] will be big changes,” he said. “And I hope it’s possible to move another ship to some of these ports. We’re working on it, but it’s pretty uncertain, and we won’t really know anything for some time,” he said.

He added that SeaDream was able to plan cruises to Barbados through “cooperation with local authorities and local islands, and they welcome us.

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