Top 6 Destinations to Travel to in 2021

Denys KhmarskyiDecember 7, 2020

Travel in 2021.

2020 has had us all locked in our houses and has made us cancel all our plans. Staying in our houses for more than a year and not traveling or going for yearly vacations has made the entire situation a bit stressful for us all. Therefore, 2021 has to start on a positive note! Since the pandemic is now under control to some extent and we all know the precautions that can keep us safe to a greater extent, it’s time for us to look up for cheap air travel plans, pack our bags and set off for the much needed holidays. Before leaving to your dream destinations always search your destination on the internet or download YouTube videos to get basic info about the places, so that you can find it easy when you reached your destination. Here are the top 6 places that should be exploring next:


A land of beautiful beaches, ancient temples, delicious food, and friendly people, Vietnam is the place one must not miss out on exploring. You can roam in the city street and enjoy the scooter rides with lots of street food vendors around who offer indigenous recipes for you to try; else, you can stop by in the villages and enjoy the serenity of picturesque bays. Be it the chaos of the modern-day world or a life that is close to nature; you can experience it all in Vietnam. Moreover, if you are interested in history, do not forget to explore the underground world of guerrilla warfare in the Cu Chi tunnels or the ruins of Imperial Citadel in Hue.


You would have traveled to beaches or the scenic landscapes more often, but Uzbekistan will offer you a whole new experience. The country has a rich social and religious history that is signified in mosques, madrassas, or mausolea. The buildings are a unique blend of soviet and Islamic architecture. To top it all, do not forget to visit the Kyzyl-Kum desert and enjoy the campfire, and spend the night under the canopy of stars. Try to travel in 2021.


Turkey was once called home by Romans, Greeks, Persians, and Phrygians, and this multiculturalism is what addons to the uniqueness of the place. The ancient cities, underground
cave homes, open-air museums, and there is much more that reminds us of the mysticism and legends associated with the region. Places like Cappadocia and Istanbul are literary food for the soul and can perfectly satisfy your wanderlust. Moreover, do not forget to enjoy the amazing Turkish food and the grand bazaar of Istanbul to buy those beautiful traditional Turkish lamps.

travel in 2021

Namibia, Southern Africa:

Namibia is the land of unparalleled beauty and ever-changing landscapes. It is considered to be one of the most visually appealing destinations in Africa. If you want to get away from the hustle and the crowded places, you can have a wholesome experience in Namibia. Do travel to Serra Cafema, a luxurious safari camp and one of Africa's most remote destinations. It is an amazing opportunity to meet Himba people and authentic local experience. Explore savannah plains, coastlines, and dunes. Enjoy fun-filled and adventurous vacations!

Costa Rica:

Tourism has been on the rise in Costa Rica, and that too for all the right reasons. It is recognized as a place that has handled the coronavirus crisis quite well and has thus, maintained a low fatality rate in Latin America. The destination is easily accessible to the US and travelers and has a lot to offer to the adventure enthusiast. You can go hiking, visit any of the 27 national parks, ziplining through a cloud forest, visit a wildlife refuge, and much more. You can disconnect from the mundane and connect back to nature; Costa Rica can do wonders for your soul!


Utah has a diverse range of landscapes that you will surely want to explore. Having five national parks, 44 state parks, and 20 dark-sky places that are internationally accredited makes Utah an absolutely delightful place to visit. It is an ideal spot for you to see and to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Make sure to stop by there! Traveling is going to be different in 2021, and that is for sure. However, do not forget to comply with all the instructions and precautions that are needed to be safe from the pandemic. From a
luxurious modern-day travel experience to a trip solely dedicated to nature, you can plan it all with the help of this list. Travel in 2021.

Happy traveling!

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